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When preparing for the future, an estate plan can provide greater assurance. Wills and trusts are two available options that can be utilized to formulate a plan. Both options should be fully understood and employed in a way to enhance the benefits. At our firm, our San Ramon estate planning attorneys work with clients to understand what their concerns are and implement these into our personalized plan.


Through a will, instructions can be given in the event of a death. It can include who will care for children by appointing a guardian. Beneficiaries can also be named to decide how assets will be broken up. An executor can be named and this person will be in charge of collecting assets, paying debts, and distributing assets as stated in the will. This is a legal document and it should be updated on a continual basis. In California, there are three options for creating a will. Working with an attorney can be a significant advantage in ensuring that a will is drafted correctly the very first time.


A trust is another available choice, which can be included in an estate plan. Through this legal document, assets are placed into a trust with a trustee who is in charge of them. Most often, the individual that owns the assets will name himself or herself as the trustee. Assets can include bank accounts, real estate, and more. After assets are placed in the trust, they will be distributed during the life of the individual and eventually given to beneficiaries once the individual passes.

The state of California has provided this resource guide

Durable Powers of Attorney [DPOA] for Finance and Health

The main purpose of the DPOA for Finance and Health is to ensure that a trusted agent is available to act in the event of incapacity. Having a DPOA for Finance and Health avoids the expense and conflicts of a conservatorship proceeding and the unavailability of suitable alternatives.

Working with a San Ramon Wills & Trusts Attorney

Our team is adept at handling wills and trusts to plan for the future. We have assisted many individuals to think through their concerns and develop a plan to meet their wishes. Get started by getting in touch with our office as soon as possible.

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