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Estate planning may appear to be overwhelming, but it is something that everyone should do regardless of the age or the size of your estate. Estate planning is important because it can reduce conflict and confusion, which your family members will have to address in the event of your passing. Depending on your situation the most common way to commence your estate plan is to draft a will, durable power of attorney and healthcare directive. Drafting these preliminary documents is not difficult if your estate is straight forward. These documents can range from simple to complex, depending on what is best for your case.

A will can be used to direct disposition of an estate after a person’s death. A will is also used to accomplish things a trust cannot. For example: nominate guardians for minor children or provide for funeral or burial instructions.

The main purpose of a durable power of attorney and healthcare directive is to ensure that a trusted agent is available to act in the event of incapacity. The durable power of attorney focuses on the handling of your finances and the healthcare directive focuses on making medical and health care decisions. Having these documents will avoid the expense and conflicts of a conservatorship proceeding and the absence of suitable alternatives.

Creating a trust is another important estate planning tool. It could be used as an addition to a will, or it could completely replace your will. A revocable living trust is different from a will because it is used for property management during a person’s lifetime, as well as a convenient and efficient means to distribute assets at death. Furthermore, a revocable living trust can help your family avoid going through probate.

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