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Following the death of a loved one, the family members will have the responsibility of managing the deceased's estate. This will include making sure any taxes and debts are paid, as well as ensuring that the estate is divided up according to their will. The person who is responsible for this is known as the executor of the estate. If the deceased individual did not name an executor in their will, the court may choose one instead. The executor could be an individual, company, or it could be more than one person.

The first thing the executor will have to do is to create an inventory of the entire estate. This means that all of their assets will have to be documented. The reason that this is so important is not only so that they can divide the assets to the beneficiaries, but also so that they can repay any debts that were owed by the individual. Once this is accomplished, the remainder of the estate can be distributed according to the will. If the estate goes into probate, the executor will be responsible for seeing it through this complex process. If you want to know how to administrate an estate, then get in touch with one of our San Ramon estate planning attorneys!

If you need assistance with the administration of an estate, contact our Contra Costa estate planning attorneys from Santaella Legal Group, APC today!

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