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The process of probate administration is a key part in carrying out the wishes of a loved one. Essentially, the aspects of their will are reviewed and implemented. Property will be divided up in the manner that they intended, and loose details will be dealt with. Without a will, the state's laws will be relied on to determine how administration will take place. There are advantages and disadvantages to probate administration, and by working with a San Ramon estate planning lawyer, you can seek a positive outcome for your case.

Role of an Administrator in Probate

An administrator is also referred to as the executor or personal representative; this is someone who is appointed to oversee the process of probate. An administrator can be named in a will, but if no will was established, then the role may be appointment by the court. The executor is given a number of related responsibilities to fulfill during probate, such as acquiring the assets and making an inventory of them, as well as paying any taxes or bills that are owed for the estate, and even tracking down the beneficiaries.

Once the correct steps have been followed and the court gives approval, the administrator will be in charge of distributing up the estate in the manner intended. The probate process can be lengthy if not handled correctly. There are many areas that need to be addressed, and without experience in this area of the law, it can be challenging to know what to expect. Our firm is able to assist with administration, along with taking steps before hand through estate planning to make the process easier when it is time for it.

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