Estate PlanninG

What Are the Roles of Elder Lawyers?

Elder law is not just about the elderly. It can also include individuals with special needs, veterans who need benefits and estate planning.

Since our health care and financial needs change as we age, it is important to work with an Elder Lawyer to put in place plans that meet our changing needs.

For example, Elder Lawyers make sure that your power of attorney – wherein you allow an agent to make decisions for you if you are unable to do so – is correctly drafted so that your loved ones will not have to file for a conservatorship to name someone to act on your behalf.

Conservatorships are a protracted and costly legal procedure that involves court involvement throughout the conservatorship and no privacy. All the information regarding your loved ones is available for the public to view because the conservatorship is a court proceeding.

If you need Medi-Cal for long term care, Elder Lawyers assist in preparing a plan to prevent the loss of your home or savings. For estate planning, Elder Lawyers provide guidance on the disbursement of your assets if you become disabled and the transfer of your assets upon your passing.

Elder Lawyers also assist with veterans benefits, wherein a wartime vet or a surviving spouse may be eligible for a monthly tax free benefit to cover medical expenses.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Do not be caught in a situation where you are scrambling to get organized and paying high fees to do so.

The estate planning and elder attorneys of Santaella Legal Group, APC in San Ramon, CA can help you plan for life’s transitions whatever your age.