Estate PlanninG

Santaella Legal Group, APC Now Offering Notary Services

At SSantaella Legal Group, APC, we are proud to announce that after completing an 8 hour course, taking an exam and an oath, both attorneys Ivette M. Santaella and Linda C. Blackwell are public notaries. We are now able to notarize important documents, e.g. trusts and durable powers of attorney for our clients. This makes the estate planning process convenient and seamless for our clients.

A public notary is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters concerning estates, deeds, powers of attorney, and other matters. At Santaella Legal Group, APC, not only do we offer our clients a wealth of knowledge and legal experience, but we continuously strive to offer dedicated, efficient and cost effective representation to our clients. By becoming public notaries, we are enabling ourselves to make the estate planning process easier and more streamlined than ever before.